Captain's Report December 2015

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Captain’s report December 2015


We started early in the month with the Vesta’s Vets 4s where we had 4 boats entered - 2 club boats & 2 composite crews. All 4 crews raced well with our F 4- coming second in their class as well as Sara Reay in a Bedford/City of Sheffield  Vet E W4x composite coming second in their class.

November ended with Star head on 22nd where we had a good Bedford entry, we would have had more entries had they not closed early, catching us on the hop. Our Juniors had a good entry with Florrie Stevens winning W.J16 1x by 20 seconds, and a great result for the Mens IM3 8 being the second fastest  boat on the water, only being beaten by Bedford IM2 8. This is a fantastic result and reflects the hard work put in by both coaches and rowers.

Awards presentation

The first Awards Presentation evening was on 27th November, and was deemed a great success, with over 80 people attending. Amongst many rowers awards, there was one major award to a non-rowing member – Sheena Todd picked up a lifetime membership award and Mark Redman’s  magnificent efforts at pulling together support for the events run by the club were recognised by the Captain’s non-rower award. Going forward looking to future awards, please feel free to make constructive suggestions to how we can improve not only the evening itself but what people are recognised for.  Bedford has enjoyed many triumphs in the past year and these weren’t necessarily reflected in the 2 classifications of award (currently Coaches award and Rowers’ rowers) given out on Friday.


As the club is expanding  our resources are being stretched further. Thanks to local councillor David Fletcher, we have been able to purchase 2 basic cox boxes for the Explore boats, and also an additional  ‘CoxMate’ cox box, which was funded by BRC. We have invested in 8 new pairs of adjustable shoes for the Womens 8. This means women will only have to wear one pair of socks, rather than five. These shoes adjust between size 6 and 10 and the women are invited to give me feedback as to how useful they are, in order to decide whether further investment in this type of shoe is a good idea. In the gym we have purchased a new 7’ Olympic bar and an additional set of clamps for the existing bar and Jayne has finally got the back extension bench that she’s been nagging about for 5 years!


Rocky is now taking the men’s second session on Saturdays and he is putting the senior men through their paces in the gym. He has generously  offered to develop a programme for any squad or individual suited to their specific needs. It is to the club’s great benefit to have such a valuable resource in Rocky and he is a welcome addition to the club.

After many years of coaching the juniors, Sharon Noble-Layng has decided to step down, owing to family and work commitments. I would like to thank Sharon for the time and effort she has put into developing the Juniors. Dave Pendall has very kindly offered to step in and help Tim Isaacson who has also put a lot of time and effort into making our juniors such a strong squad. Welcome back Dave! I have my eye on one other ‘old school’ coach who I will continue to work on and try to draw back into the fold...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our coaches, who are doing a great job during this period of the club’s rapid expansion and can I put out a call to all members to help with coxing, not just for your own squad but for others, in a spirit of reciprocation. This is the one resource still lacking and is stopping  valuable time on the water.

Safety boat co-ordinator

After 10 years of doing a great job of being Bedford’s safety boat co-ordinator, Sasha Andrews has decided to stand down. He will still be available to volunteer and will be on hand to support the new co-ordinator, but we are now desperately looking for someone to fill his shoes. Could it be you? Or do you know someone who could do perform this valuable role?

Future events diary

Sunday 17th January 2016 Star New Year head

Saturday 23rd January – Northampton Head

Saturday 6th February – Peterborough Head

SUNDAY 15th FEBRUARY – Bedford 8s & 4s Head

Sunday 28th February – Nottingham Trent Head

Saturday 12th March – Kingston Head?

Saturday 19th March – The Head of the River, Tideway

Sunday 10th April – Bedford 4s and small boats head

**Can all coaches give me crews as soon as possible so that we don’t miss out on entries please**

People have asked me about Cambridge Winter league – the middle leg falls on 14th February. I would expect any crew doing CWL to give Bedford’s event full priority. It is possible to race just 2 legs, or try to get into the first div in order to get back to Bedford mid morning. Bill Sadler is kindly organising for us to boat from Queen’s should we want to do CWL.


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