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Rowing Club Subscriptions

Season September 2014 to August 2015


What has happened?

At the AGM of Bedford Rowing Club on 17th September, the full rowing subscription (this includes juniors) was raised to £360 per annum i.e.  changed from £27 to £30 per month and the Explore Rowing /Recreational subscription to £276 per annum i.e.  from £20 to £23.


I pay by Standing Order every month - How does this affect me?

You need to ensure that your standing order reflects the new amount as soon as possible.  The deadline to make this change is 30th November 2014.  This is a standing order, not a direct debit so BRC can not do this for you.  


I have online banking - can I do this myself?

Yes, that would be really helpful (over 100 of you pay by standing order!!)  so  please log on and  amend your monthly payment.


I don’t have online banking - what do I need to do?

Paperwork.  Either download a form from the website: or go to the rowers fridge, look for the white folder found nearby, extract the correct form either labelled Full or Explore.  Fill it in.  Return to Lydia Swift either in person or via the black folder held behind the bar or by placing in the white folder you got the blank form from.


What happens if I don’t make this change by 30th November 2014?

Well you will no longer be permitted to use ANY club equipment after 1st December 2014.  

But I pay annually and I have already paid for the season 2014/15?

Thank you for paying promptly. No further action is required.  

Thank you in advance for your help. If you have questions on this, please contact the Membership Secretary on or speak to Lydia Swift (please let me finish my training session first! :-) )

Posted By Lydia on 18 Sep 2014

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