Update Thursday 9th February.  

*** Due to the state of ground, the trailer parking area on Longholme (over the little white bridge) is no longer available on Sunday for any parking at all.  The coned off area on the Embankment between Shaftesbury Avenue and Bushmead Avenue is for the use of trailers.  Please park considerately, to ensure there is room for every trailer on the road.  Please respect your fellow competitors who may not arrive as early as you and refrain from parking passenger cars/mini-buses in the area for trailers.  

Please respect the marshals and refrain from trying to access Longholme with any vehicles.  

** We reserve the right to take action against clubs who disregard this.  **

Parking has been suspended on the Embankment side for the use of trailers.  

The riverside grass area is to be treated with respect and all litter is to be removed. 

On race day, provisional times will be available on screen after each division in the Bedford Rowing Club bar .  We shall also be serving freshly prepared hot food.


Monday 9th January. Poster .  

 Links to documents added.  

Welfare Plan

Safeguarding Children

Local Rules

Safety Plan


We are delighted to announce that we will be using the new Personal Ranking Index for our 2017 Event.  Please see here for FAQs.  

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