BRC has entries in J16G2x which races on Saturday, and 1 entry in J161x & 2 entries in J16G1x which races on Sunday. Good luck and may HPP be kind to you. The draw is here
Posted By Admin on 31 May 2012

Saturday Corinne in WJ16.1x Emma & Corinne in WJ16.2x Full results here on the Peterborough City Rowing Club website.
Posted By Admin on 31 May 2012

Due to the Olympic Torch Relay. Major traffic restrictions will be in place on the day – the Town Bridge and the Embankment will close at 06.00. Longholme Way, Barkers Lane and Newnham Ave will close at 09.00 until approx 11.00. Only towing vehicles or cars carrying boats will be allowed access to the trailer park (Longholme). Road closures from 0730 will make parking elsewhere difficult s [...]
Posted By Admin on 31 May 2012

Go about 19 minutes in for BBC coverage on National Flower Day.
Posted By Admin on 16 May 2012

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