Captain’s report April 2017 Events This month saw the head of the river events on the tideway. We didn’t have a women’s entry this year but we did have 1 senior and 2 vet entries. Sadly the men’s event was cancelled due to the forecast, h [...]
Posted By Ian on 19 Apr 2017

Captain’s report February 2017 Events The New Year started with Star’s regatta on 15th. There were few of our crews entered as it was mainly a junior event and our juniors got some good race experience setting them up for this month’s head in bigge [...]
Posted By Ian on 07 Feb 2017

Captain’s report January 2017 Events We had a relatively quiet December, With only training going on and social events around the club. We had the traditional Boxing day 8’s which was well attended. We managed to put 4 crews out in 2 heats. The winning [...]
Posted By Ian on 15 Jan 2017

Captain’s report December 2016 Events November started with Star head, with us having a good entry again and wins for the junior pair of Hanna and Charlotte. All though there were no other wins we had some very close seconds and everybody racing has showed a big [...]
Posted By Ian on 13 Dec 2016

Captain’s report November 2016 Events The month started with Bedford small boats head on 9th October. We had wins for IM3.4-X (Lee) and IM3.2X (Farley) and WMastD/E.1X (Reay). This event was good first head race experience for many crews with a total of 18 crews [...]
Posted By Ian on 13 Nov 2016

Captain’s report October 2016 Events The only local events attended by BRC crews this month were the MK regatta where we mainly entered Novice crews. Sadly there were no wins for our crews but it does mean that they will start the head racing season with no point [...]
Posted By Ian on 13 Nov 2016

Captain’s report September 2016 Events We started the month with the Peterborough 2 day regatta with a good level of entries and a win for Matt Farley in his single and we also had Master Kavanagh who won his heat but lost out in the final of the J18A sculls. Ana [...]
Posted By Ian on 16 Sep 2016

Entries are now open on BROE. Event documents The draw is here. Poster Local Rules Safety Plan - including Competitors Instructions Welfare Plan Safeguarding Children Plan Email to clubs: "Thank you for your entries to Bedford Autumn Fours & Sma [...]
Posted By Lydia on 04 Sep 2016

Captain’s report August 2016 Events We have started the month with the election of the new Captain and in the absence of any other interest, here I am again. On Tuesday 19th July, Alban Academy Ergo Club came to the club to put their ergo practice to good use i [...]
Posted By Ian on 15 Aug 2016

Captain’s report July 2016 Events June 11th saw the Masters national Championship, held at Nottingham. Sadly owing to illness, Dave Catlin’s crew had to withdraw but the women’s Master C4+ (Pointing, C O’Connell, Goymer, Johnson + E O’Conn [...]
Posted By Ian on 11 Jul 2016

Captain’s report June 2016 Events We had Nottingham Masters and Nottingham Regatta events in May. The club had a good representation across the board with wins for Dave Catlin & Mike Harris in their double scull, and Mike Harris and Sara Reay both won in thei [...]
Posted By Ian on 11 Jun 2016

Captain’s report April 2016 Events We started the month with Bedford small boats head, which is always a successful event for Bedford and as a club had the biggest number of entries to date and had several wins too. Despite the number of competitors, the event wa [...]
Posted By Ian on 09 May 2016

is run by an independent committee and has a website
Posted By Lydia on 05 May 2016

The results arenow available for Bedford Spring Fours & Small Boats Head on Sunday April 10th. Event documents Local Rules Safety Plan Welfare Plan Safeguarding Plan Poster ishere
Posted By Lydia on 11 Apr 2016

Captain’s report April 2016 This month’s report is brief, on account of the fact that not much has happened. Worthy of note is the increased number of rowers in the club and on the water, with an impressive number of home crew entries for the upcoming head. [...]
Posted By Ian on 10 Apr 2016

Captain’s report March 2016 Firstly I would like to send our best wishes from all of Bedford Rowing Club to John the bar steward and wish him a speedy recovery. Events Mid February saw the Bedford 4s & 8s head with a good entry of 13 crews racing at all lev [...]
Posted By Ian on 08 Mar 2016

In light of the current state of the ground, the council have asked us to keep trailer access to Longholme Island to a minimum. This is the parking accessed over the white bridge We have arranged with the Council to have the Embankment parking bays coned off. These c [...]
Posted By Lydia on 09 Feb 2016

Captain’s report February 2016 Events Unfortunately BRC’s 22 entered crews did not get to race at Star Head which was cancelled once again owing to anticipated poor weather conditions (which did not materialise). We did however have a Men’s Vet C 4+ [...]
Posted By Ian on 01 Feb 2016

Captain’s report January 2016 I’d like to wish everybody a Happy New Year and hopefully the club will continue growing and going from strength to strength in the coming year. It is great to see so many new, old and returning members being present at the club. [...]
Posted By Ian on 06 Jan 2016

Captain’s report December 2015 Events We started early in the month with the Vesta’s Vets 4s where we had 4 boats entered - 2 club boats & 2 composite crews. All 4 crews raced well with our F 4- coming second in their class as well as Sara Reay in a Bed [...]
Posted By Ian on 07 Dec 2015

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