Rowing club pair save baby and mum from river plunge

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Sacha & Steven save baby and mum from river plunge.

There were dramatic riverside scenes on Saturday when Bedford Rowing Club members saved a mother and baby who had fallen into the water.

Sasha Andrews and Steven Reece were preparing for Sunday’s Head Of The River race close to the club when they saw the commotion.

A baby strapped into a pushchair, and its terrified mum had gone into the river, and the pair immediately went to their aid.

Sasha, who is safe boat coordinator at the rowing club, said: “We were chatting about what we were going to do for the day.

“Then Steve spotted a pram going into the river, the mother then went in after it. She was trying to get the pram out but it had one of those rain covers on which are quite absorbent.

“Steve managed to grab hold of the pram and we got them out, back at the club house everyone mucked in and helped get them dry and warm.”

And after the frightening dip the mum and tot were in good hands, Steve is the emergency medical technician for the club, and works for a private ambulance company.

Sasha said: “It’s not the time of year to go for a dunk. Fortunately because we were there, their time in the river was so short that effects of the water didn’t really kick in.

“But if they had been further down the river their would have had real difficulties.”

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Posted By Alan on 14 Feb 2013

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