Captains Report January 2017

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Captain’s report January 2017



We had a relatively quiet December, With only training going on and social events around the club.

We had the traditional Boxing day 8’s which was well attended. We managed to put 4 crews out in 2 heats. The winning crew was a mixture of young and old, aswell as new and experienced.

The crew was Anna Graham, Laura Henman, Ana Shreeves, Alex Aldred, Mike Baker, Jamie Johnson, Doug Barrell, with the light weight cox, Jonti Vincent.

The men  had 2 coxed 4s starting this year’s Cambridge winter league, with both crews being fastest in their category’s. Well done to both crews, only 2 more to go.


I have just had Jack Pope back from being re-furbished, this now gives use a good selection of club boats for all the members to enjoy.

Boat 125 has been delayed in being repaired as PC Repairs are very busy, but when it does go, it will come back with one of the new names.

On that subject it was agreed at the last committee meeting to name the boats that are currently unnamed. They will all be named after roads leading from the embankment.

Albany, Rothsay, Bushmead, Shaftesbury, Tennyson.

Club News

Now that the gym is running smoothly we have turned our attention to the ergo room.

The senior’s are starting to paint the wall, and not surprisingly some of the floor. The plan will then be to put mirrors in front of the ergos and to also put monitors up so that all of the machines can be linked and displayed.

I am pleased to announce that Ellie O’Connell is taking the on the coaching of the juniors. She will be overseeing the development of the juniors and coaching at the Sunday water session. I believe she will be a great asset to the club and I am sure the club will give her all the support and encouragement it can.

Tribe will be over seeing the land based sessions, which already are stretching the juniors.

The welfare officer now has a dedicated number this is 07761034993. Can all calls  to the welfare officer use this number. It will also be used when the juniors are at Heads or Regatta’s as a point of contact if the welfare officer is not present.

Forthcoming events

Jan 15th          Star

       21st           Northampton   Nene

Feb 12th           Bedford 4's and 8's

       26th           Trent

March 11th     Women's HORR

           25th      Men's HORR

           26th      Vets HORR


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