Hoodie order and Godfrey Kit Window ???????? now CLOSED

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BRC Hoodies

Orders for BRC Hoodies are now being taken and if ordered before Wednesday 14th, delivery by Christmas assured.
Price is £27.50, payable on delivery
Colours available are Maroon or Navy
Sizes S, M, L, XL
Price includes personalisation if required.

There is an order sheet up on the general notice board at the club, but please contact me if you have any queries or if you wish to order via email (preferred).

Gabi Thomas

Dear all
Godfrey Rowing Kit is now available via their online order window, which is open until midnight on Sunday 18th December. Godfrey are the suppliers of all our lycra performance wear, as well as lots of other ‘nice to have’ stuff, including polo shirts and seat pads for the boat or ergo.
Please note that if you are intending to compete in any summer regattas, you must race in a BRC all in one
To order, go to www.godfrey.co.uk
Select ‘Bedford’ from the drop down list.
Please note a few important points regarding this order window:
* For this order only, there will be no postage and packaging to pay. The Godfrey rep is coming down to meet with us at the end of January/beginning of February and will bring the order down with him
* The price quoted will not necessarily be the price you pay. When the order window closes, the order is collated and the price is determined by the number of the same item ordered. i.e. if only 1 splashtop is ordered it will cost £81, but if 4 people order a splashtop, each will come down to £71. Your debit or credit card will not be charged until after the order has been collated.
* In the ‘Delivery address’ field, just type Bedford Rowing Club. Do not put your personal address in this field or you may be charged postage.
Please feel free to contact me if you need any clarification on the order process.
Gabi Thomas
Link here

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