Captain's Report - Feb 2016

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Captain’s report February  2016


Unfortunately BRC’s 22 entered crews did not get to race at Star Head which was cancelled once again owing to anticipated poor weather conditions (which did not materialise).

We did however have a Men’s Vet C 4+ racing in the first leg of the Cambridge Winter League and they are currently holding a midfield time, which they are hoping to improve in the 2 subsequent rows (this month and next).

Looking forward to the upcoming Bedford 4s & 8s head, we have a good number of crews wishing to enter. Coaches have been reminded to get the entries complete within the next week and rowers have been reminded that they will be expected to marshal on the day. I have given dispensation to the senior men’s 8 as they wish to seat race on the day. They have however volunteered to help the week before in preparing and clearing the course.

We have 9 crews entered for Peterborough Head on Saturday 6th February and it is worth noting that to date, we have put in more competitive entries than for the whole of last year combined!

On the topic of entries, could I please ask coaches that ALL proposed crews/entries are only emailed to The record of all such entries are then all in one place and it’s less likely that we’ll have any boat sharing conflicts.

Boat damage and incident reports

This month we have had a number of boat damage reports which is to be expected with the stream speed and debris in the river. I fully understand that accidents do happen and are sometimes unavoidable. However when incidents and damage are not reported it is time consuming and frustrating to crew finding that they have an unusable boat. Case in point, a rigger on John Mingay was severely damaged and left unreported causing the following crew delays and frustration.


We have made some further  investments in gym equipment and now have a weight lifting cage.

Social Events

On Friday 12th February, the club is hosting a Chinese New Year event with music. Food will be provided by Bedford’s ‘Peking Palace’. Cost is yet to be confirmed by the steward.

Capsize drill

The safety officer arranged for a capsize drill to be held on Sunday 10th January and it was well attended.

Adverse weather conditions

Can I remind rowers that when the cautionary rowing signs are displayed, or when the weather has taken a turn for the worse, you must contact me or the safety officer (Martin Fraser) to get permission to row. A response from either of us is also required.  In my absence, or in the event that neither Martin nor I is contactable, I am happy for qualified coaches to make the decision. Any crews taking it upon themselves to ignore this condition may find themselves suspended from rowing. My number is 07887667788 or  01234 764501

We do not want to stop rowers from rowing, but occasionally we have to restrict rowers due to safety implications.

Future events diary

Saturday 6th February – Peterborough Head

SUNDAY 14th FEBRUARY – Bedford 8s & 4s Head – volunteers are required, please contact Mark Redman

Sunday 28th February – Nottingham Trent Head – so far we have 2 crews entered (senior & Vet men)

Saturday 5th March – WHORR (1 entry)

Saturday 12th March – Kingston Head?

Saturday 19th March – The Head of the River, Tideway (2 entries)

Sunday 10th April – Bedford 4s and small boats head

8th – 11th September – World Masters in Copenhagen Mens FVet4- are looking to go and would like to take a full trailer to share the costs. Any other crews wishing to go, please speak to your coaches and then inform me and Mike Harris.

**Can all coaches give me crews for the above events  as soon as possible so that we don’t miss out on entries please**

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