FINAL Draw for Bedford Head on Sunday 10th February

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The FINAL draw is now available here.

Due to our limited start marshalling area, all octuples & eights will be started before quads & fours. There are a few exceptions to this. A gap of several minutes will be left between the last octuples/eights & the first quads/fours.

Please check the draw - if you consider that any of your crews are in the wrong position in the racing sequence, then please let me know so that I can make changes.

Safety & Welfare

All documentation is attached to this email; the links below point to the same files for those of you who cannot receive large attachments.

Please ensure that your crews have read the Safety Plan. Note that overtaking rules have been defined this year.


  • Bedford Borough Council have understandably denied us the use of Longholme Island owing to saturated turf.
  • We are negotiating with the Council and Bedford Police to have the Embankment coned off. These cones should prevent the general public from parking there – please move them, as they are intended to give you the space to park boat trailers.
  • Please do not park any vehicles other than tow vehicles & trailers in the coned off areas; there is plenty of parking space available at the Aspects Leisure Park (McDonalds & the cinema) at the eastern end of the Embankment, and in other car parks around Bedford, all of which are within 10 minutes walk of the river.
  • Limited trailer parking is also available behind Bedford Rowing Club, courtesy of Bedford Girls School. This will be allocated on a first come, first served basis; please contact me if you wish to park here. Parking will (at your own risk) be available on Saturday evening.

Disembarkation Pontoon

  • New for this year is a disembarkation pontoon in the Finish Marshalling area. I would like to thank Star Club for this, as it’s half of their landing stage!
  • Note that crew changes on this pontoon are NOT allowed – it is to be used for getting boats out ONLY. Once all boats racing in a division have disembarked, this pontoon will be available for outbound boats.

Other information

  • Twitter. Races in Bedford run over multiple divisions; once the last division relevant to each category is complete, results will (hopefully) be posted to @bedfordrowing (That’s if I can figure out the recent changes to the Twitter API in time.)
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