Captains Report April 2017

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Captain’s report April 2017



This month saw the head of the river events on the tideway.

We didn’t have a women’s entry this year but we did have 1 senior and 2 vet entries.

Sadly the men’s event was cancelled due to the forecast, however the vet event ran the following day. The masters D men put in an improved time to last year ,but with still a bit to do.  Bedford was represented by Sara Raey and Jayne Smith with Lydia Swift coxing a W.MasE.8+. They used the Bedford boat “Chase me” with Bedford blades as a Bedford/City of Sheffield/Henley/Medway/Star, composite. With this combination there was no question they were going to win. Well done ladies.


We have not had any boats refurbished this month as we are waiting for delivery of the new Fillipi, which hopefully should be with us in the middle of this month.

I went to Cambridge with Lynda and 4 of the women’s crew to look at a new Janousek 4+, which is next on the list, as the women’s boats are starting to show their age.

Club News

All of the work has been finish in the erg room and now we have the ergos linked into the screens.

A new CCTV system has been installed, this will now cover the gym erg room and over the river for safety and monitoring purposes.

I’m sure you have all seen that the painting of the front of the clubhouse is nearly finished, which has made a marked improvement in the clubs appearance. After the small boats head, the inside will be started on.

Lynda Elliot has taken the overall organising of the juniors. She and I have decided to finish with the Sunday session and bring all the juniors together on Saturdays, there is land based sessions on the Tuesday and Thursday after school and if there is a need we may also have a Wednesday session. Although these are billed as land based, if the weather is good they will go on the water. We are still very reliant on volunteers to help with the running of these sessions, a minimum of  2 adults, must  be present at all times.

The defibrillator is now installed at the club and is ready for use.

Forthcoming events

April  9th  Bedford Small Boats Head        29th 30th  Evesham

May 1st Marlow Spring regatta      6th  Bedford Amateur Regatta      13th Nottingham City regatta     14th Nottingham Masters and club regatta 



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