Bedford Fours and Small Boats Head - Sunday 9th April 2017

Entries are now closed on BROE:  The draw will is here .  BROE will remain open for substitutions and scratchings until Saturday morning.  


Instructions to Competitors including Safety Plan

Local Rules

Welfare Plan

Safeguarding Children Plan

This event is running under the new competition framework.  See further down the page for more information

The key changes are:

If under the existing framework you wanted to double in e.g. IM3.1x and IM2.1x but don't know how to do this in BROE2, this is what you should do:   

Enter INT.1x twice.  BROE2 will allow you to do this.  We will then pick up that you are entered twice and apply the banding appropriately.  More details below.

If you want to change a boat type e.g. from 2x to 4+ you can do this by selecting 'Reassign to Event' which is found under the crew list.  There is no need to scratch and re-enter

You can still change division yourself, without needing to scratch and re-enter.

Note - this Head Race is being run in a new format

  • Senior Events will be assigned to bands, which will be determined by information in BROE.

  • Junior & Masters events will be largely unaffected, and these categories will be available as usual on BROE.

  • Bands will be declared on the draw.

You might be aware that Personal Ranking Index points have been allocated already, based upon 2016's results. These are viewable on the BR website, by logging onto your personal account then navigating to the Membership section.

Unlike the current points system, your Personal Ranking will automatically regress, with points gained being reduced exactly a year after they were gained.

You will have separate Personal Rankings for Sweep & Sculling, as you do at present. Coxswains will have their own ranking, though this will not count towards a crew's total points when working out the Draw. The coxswain's Ranking is designed to give some recognition of ability, and MAY be used by some of the Tideway Heads to determine suitability.

You will also have a Lifetime Ranking in each of the three disciplines, which will not regress over time.


So how will Bedford Fours & Small Boats Head work?

  • We will be offering Fours and Small Boats, in Women's, Open and Mixed classes.

  • You will be asked to provide an estimate of how fast each crew actually is. We're hoping that this will be useful in determining which bands to put crews into, as the Ranking Points that have accrued so far might not be an accurate reflection of a crew's ability. 
    As more and more Heads & Regattas transition to the new system, Rankings will become significantly more accurate.

  • Once entries close, or we're close to being full, we will split entries into the bands that we deem most appropriate, taking into account any requests made by individual crews.

  • If you don't know the exact composition of a crew (or somebody has forgotten to renew their BR membership), you no longer have to put a random oarsman in. You can instead just leave the name blank (I think its limited to half the crew). Any blank spaces MUST be filled in by the time entries close...


Why aren't any other events using Personal Rankings?

  • The answer is that they are - just not in this region!
  • We used these successfully for the Eights and Fours Head in February this year.
  • Wycliffe Small Boats Head used it in late 2016, and for its Big Head in February.
  • The Women's Head of the River Race will also use Personal Rankings in 2017.

Note - information in this document may be changed at any time, and is our interpretation of the way the Personal Ranking system will work in practice.

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