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Notice of Annual General Meetings

Members are informed that the AGM of Bedford Rowing Club and Bedford Rowing Social Club are to be held here at 2000 and 2030 respectively on Wednesday 23rd September.

Nominations for the following Officers and committee positions are invited:

Bedford Rowing Club

Bedford Rowing Social Club



Deputy President

Hon. Secretary

Hon. Treasurer


Membership Secretary

Membership Secretary

Safety Officer

Social Club Chairman

Club Welfare Officer

Committee Members (max. of 2)

Committee Members (max. of 3)



Note: All nominations, duly proposed and seconded on the forms available behind the bar, should be received by the Secretary by 9th September 2015.


Should I put myself forward?

Yes! It is your Club and you should have a say in its governance and continued development.


What do these positions mean? What would I have to do?

Contact the Secretary ( who can give you an idea of what each position entails.


Get involved!!!

Posted By Ian on 31 Aug 2015

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